Saturday, 13 December 2014

Urban Decay Palette 2 Review

So it's been a while since I posted but it has been a really busy time and I had so many things to do I just could not find time to sit down and relax to write..

Last week we recently got the brand Urban Decay in my Country (which took so long!!), and of course I had a little look around the counter and instantly fell in love with all of their products and I wanted to buy the hole range. But of course I didn't win in the lottery, I don't have piles of gold lying around my house and I do not possess magical powers to conjure some so I had to restrain myself and chose one thing. I opted for the Urban Decay Palette 2.

I had quite a struggle wether I want the first, second or third one because, lets be honest they are all amazing!
The colors are amazing pigmented and super builtable. I loved that the second pallet and contains colors for your everyday makeup but also to create a smoky going-out  look.
The colors are more on the glittery side, what I really like as I am into glittery colors at the moment but there are some matt colors too.
With the pallet you get a free brush with on one side  large and and on the other side smaller bristles and they have a super quality! 

I can only highly recommend this palette and it is totally worth its price and also it makes a super nice present for the ones you love :) 

I hope you will have a great week, lovely holidays
and enjoy watching christmas movies ;) (currently watching "the grinch") 

until soon :) 


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Winter Breakfast

Hey you,

As I was sitting in my kitchen eating breakfast today I thought, why not share it with you. Hahaa that sounds so interesting ;) But yes, I love a good and healthy breakfast in the morning and of course no one has enough time to do something soo special or hard when it's probably about 7 am.

So that's why I wanted to show you what's my favourite breakfast at the moment ! I think it's so so yummy and I can't get enough of it, but after one good bowl I really feel full and I won't be hungry until after school and that's actually quite rare for me haha.

I didn't told you yet, but ok maybe it's the reson why I like it that much.. It's christmasy !! And come on what's better than getting in Christmas mood before you are really awake.

I start with chopping half an apple in small slices. And that's really the longest part of the whole thing. Now you just have to put your favourite cereals and a bit of honey into your bowl. On top I always sprinkle some cinnamon. Actually quite a lot because I love cinnamon. It tastes like pure Christmas !! And as an extra tipp: I think it all tastes the best with almond milk and it's a lot healthier than using normal milk :)

Maybe it sounds quite simple, but give it a go and you'll see it's so so good.

Hope you liked this post and see you soon

Catrin xx