Saturday, 27 September 2014

Top 5 Lipsticks

Hello everyone!

Personally I'm a HUGE Lipstick fan. A pop of color on your lips can make such a difference to your look and your appearance. With lipstick you can make an outfit exciting or just emphasize your natural beauty. So today I will talk about my top 5 lipsticks. They are mainly drugstore ones but there have sneaked in some high end ones too. I normally don't have the capacity to purchase high end make up but once in a while drugstore lipsticks just don't quite satisfy your lip needs. So in that case I tend to splurge on a fancy high end lipstick ;)

The first one is the Catrice Lipstick in "Alluring Pink" which is a gorgeous dark pink color and always reminds me of a bubble gum. And let it me first just put out there: The packaging is ROSE GOLD! I mean how pretty is that?? It's the cheapest one in my collection but I love it. With it's smooth texture the lipstick is easily applied and stays on for a really long time. The color is intensive too. It gives you a girly but still serious look and it seriously goes with everything.

Second is the MAC Lipstick in "See sheer" which is a brownish red color. It's perfect for autumn time and the color always makes me think of fallen leaves. As known for Mac lipsticks, it is really pigmented and creamy. The color is natural on your lips even though it doesn't look like it when your see the color. So this lipstick is easily wearable for your everyday make up.

The middle one is the Rimmel Lipstick in 170 from the Kate Moss collection. And oh my god I love it so much!! I have never purchased such a creamy and light lipstick before! It's super easy to apply, doesn't dry out your lips at all and is just gorgeously pigmented. It leaves you with a super soft feeling. It's a really bright red color and just gives your face a special touch with every look your going for. And to add, this lipstick is wearable all days long without this nerve-racking dehydration. I can only recommend this!

Next one is the Manhattan lipstick in the number 54v which is a deep reddish-plumy color. I'm obsessed with this one during winter and autumn and it always gets me into a festive mood. I basically love to go dark on the lips but often I'm not brave enough. This color is super pigmented and oh my god it last on your lips for ever! Sometimes I wonder if they put in some superglue haha but it's true! Sometimes even after cleaning my face you can tell that I wore a red lipstick! The only thing that I don't quite like is, that after a while the lipstick can get a little dry and also it's consistency is not the creamiest. But I still LOVE it and I would totally recommend it! So go for it, wear dark!

My last product is not a lipstick but a lipgloss. I'm not really a lipgloss person because when I wear them after approximately 10 minutes they have disappeared from my lips and I find myself accidentally licking them off and when i don't, they always get all sticky. But then I found this one! It the Dior addict Gloss in the number 382. This one is not the cheapest lipgloss but I did spare some money. The lipgloss is in a shimmery really light rose color. It's super natural and doesn't get sticky at all! It's definitely the money worth it! This lipgloss gives your look something fairylike and princesslike and makes your face appear fresher. The perfect everyday lipgloss! Finals? A lot of work to do? Not much sleep? No problem the only things you need is this lipgloss to make your face appear more awake and fresh and shiny. Well apart of concealer maybe... ;)

I hope you liked my top five lipsticks and always remember after such a shopping spree your purse may will be crying but your lips will be laughing.

Rebecca :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Five Back To School Advice

The summer holidays are probably the best weeks of the whole year for a lot of students. You can enjoy your freetime with friends, travel and get relaxed again after a maybe stressy and busy year of school. I think it's quite obvious that everybody likes them :)
But there's one negative thing - they will end. 
It's quite hard to get back to your usual 'school routine' and concentrate on school now again. Some of us will go to another school, another class or will have other teachers. That means there are a lot of new things you have to get used to and get along with and of course it's difficult! But everybody can do it.
Probably most of the summer holidays finished already, but I just started school last week again and I thought that these tipps are never too late to get, because there are so many things to do to make it easier for you and sometimes even a tiny change can affect a lot!
So let's start with my five advice :)

1. Organisation:
I really love to get a bit creative with my school supplies and I think it's so good to have nice and pretty folders and books and it also helps me to stay a bit more motivated for school. That's why I organised my folder with a handmade register and I think it turned out quite good. It's so easy to do and it makes such a different to the boring white ones you can buy. There are so many ways to keep your school stuff organised, but i just wanted to show you mine, because it's a really easy one and doesn't take too long. 
I'm not sure if this one relly helps me to get more organised but when I saw some pictures of these pens at tumblr, I just had to try to do this as well. And I love it! They look so much cuter with the washi tape on them and now I'm happy to take out my pencil when our teacher asks us to do haha..

2. Day before preparation:
I know that sometimes there's just not enough time to get prepared for every subject of the next day, but that's totally ok. If you use the time after school wisely you will probably have some minutes left. In this time you can try to pack your things for the next day. It's so much better to do that the day before, because in the morning most of us are more likely to forget some stuff. If you still have a bit of time in the evening it's great to read through your last pages of your sujects of the next day. You will see that it's a lot easier to follow the teacher if you know what you were doing the last lesson. Another thing to do is pick your outfit the da before.. Yeeep, who doesn't know this situation in the morning, when your standing in front of you coset not kowing what to wear!? I absolutely hate it. You have more time in the evening, so you can even put some juwellery out for the next day and that will save some time in the morning.

3. Healthy Lunch:
Some of us go to school with great cantines, where they can eat in their break and don't have to think about their lunch. (Lucky you)
But there are also schools without cantines or just really bad ones, where you don't want to eat. I'm not really one of the lucky ones so I'm trying to make myself every morning a healthy lunch. Of course the portion depends on how long I have to be in school. I think it's great to have some fruits and vegetables with you, because it's a great snack for the short breaks. And currently I'm also trying to take something to drink with me as well, because the last year I forgot it every single day and my friends had to lend me their water oops..

4. Take time for yourself:
Everybody knows these days when your just down. There doesn't have to be a real reason, but your just feeling not good at all. I think that's totally normal, because nobody can be in a good mood every day and that's why sometimes it's good to take some time for yourself, sit down, grab a cup of tea, make a facial mask and watch your favourite film or series or read your favourite book. Nobody will judge yo, if you have a bad day, because we all know them!

5. Learning:
It's quite obvious that learning is a big point of school, but I wanted to mention it, because my advice is to follow the lessons in school the best you can, because it will save so much time at home. Learning in school is the one thing, but of course you also have t learn at home for exams or test and it's not easy to get yourself to do school stuff after school, but It's so important for everybody of us. I think a good start is to do your homework everyday, because than your really up-to-date :) After this you know what you can improve and in what you're good enough.

I really hope you liked the post and maybe I could help some of you.
See you very soon

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Rainy day Pampering

Hello everyone!

On days when it's raining all day long a lot of people would maybe be quite disappointed or have a bad mood,  however for me those days, when it's cold out side and the leaves are turning brown and it's all cozy inside are my favorite ones! They just scream: Pamper and duvet day!!
Throw in a bath bomb, pamper your skin, light some candles and curl up in a blanket and watch series  or read a good book.
And as it's one of these days today I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show you my pamper essentials. :)

First of all I will throw in a bath bomb and light some candles. I think candles can make such a difference and create a nice and relaxed atmosphere (and get me excited for christmas too ;)! )

After spending some time relaxing I will then wash my body with the "Creamy coconut body lotion" from Marks and Spencer. The smell is amazing and it contains moisturizer so your skin is left with a smooth and nice feeling. For moisturizing my skin I will be grabbing the "Smoothie star-deep moisture body milk" from Soap and Glory. This body milk is just amazing! First the smell is so nice I could eat the hole bottle when it wouldn't be inedible. Second, it moisturizes your body really well and during winter time this is your must-have, when you tend to have really dry skin. And again it leaves you with a baby smooth skin.

After I get out of my bath, I will surely cleanse my face with the Clinique "liquid facial soap mild". I had a really "rough time" with my skin lately and this cleanser helped improve my skin so much! If you are looking for a cleanser who is not too strong and super gentle to your skin, I would definitely give it go. If you are not sure wether to try it or not because of the prize, ask for a little sample. I did that too and it comes in a little set with cleanser, moisturizer and clarifying lotion. And as the bottle is quite big it lasts you a really long time. I've been using it over two month and I'm still not even half way through.
After cleansing my face I will then grab the "Origin Super Spot Remover". I heard a ton of recommendations about this little bugger. And when I'm honest, when I first saw the tiny teeny bottle, I was a bit undecided wether to give it a go or not. But I'm glad I did. It helped improving my skin so much and my spots disappeared much faster as they normally would do. The money is totally worth it! And this little bottle lasts you a really long time, who would've thought this?!. Again I've been using it over two month now and I'm barely in the middle.

After that I will pamper my skin with the Clinique " Anti-blemish solutions" oil-conrol cleansing mask.
Again for me the prize is totally worth it. If I would use any other face mask, and believe me I have tried loads, my skin would go crazy and I would have break outs for more than two weeks. This is the only mask who is gentle enough for my skin. It's the perfect mixture for sensitive and combination skin.
Then I will use my "Scrub your nose in it" Soap and Glory facial peeling against pores. Just apply a little bit on nose, chin and forehead. Scrub it gently with a rotary movement into your skin for a few minutes. Then rinse it gently off.

To finish off my facial treatment I then moisturize my face with the Clinique "dramatically different moisturizing gel". Again my skin is really sensitive when it comes down to moisturizer. Mostly they are too oily or too oil-free. And if I use one for combination skin I get dry and oily patches all over my face. But since I started using this, my skin has improved so much. It's gently to your skin and is perfect for combination skin because of it's really light texture and it still moisturizes your skin enough.

And of course to finish off your pamper day, what would be better than a hot autumn tea and a feel-good book or film. The book I'm currently reading is called "This is what happy looks like" and literally it makes me so happy!

I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you very soon :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Current favourites

Hello there,

As you know everyone of us has their own faves, because of course we're all different. I really enjoy reading posts about the loves of other bloggers, because it can help with finding new good products and that's why I just thought I will give it a try and write about my own current favourites. So I asked myself what I really enjoy at the moment and of course a lot of things came into my mind :)

I want to start with a beauty product I really love ! I bought it two months ago and i couldn't live without it now. It's the Naked basics palette from Urban Decay. It has a good range of 6 colours and they are all high pigmented and I just think that it's perfect because of the different nude shades and than the black for more of a smokey eye look. Isn't that great?! haha

My next clothing favourite is my jacket from River Island. I wore it in my last post about my travel handbag essentials and I wear it nearly on a daily basic now. It's quite casual and I love wearing it with a scarf especially because the weather in my country was so bad the last weeks..

I think it's quite hard to find the best eyeliner, because everybody has it's own perfect picture in their head of an perfect line and wing, but at the moment I really enjoy using the Superliner eyeliner from L'orĂ©al. I really like the precise line it creates and that the tip doesn't dry out fast. I'm actually really bad when it comes to eyeliner, because they just never look the same at first, but I think I really became better with this little guy and I'm sooo glad I bought it in the store. 

The next one is maybe quite random, but I just love rings currently, especially mid rings. Often a look is just so much nicer with some jewellery, but it's sometimes quite hard to find the right necklace or the right earrings for an outfit. Exactly in these situation rings are so good, because they fit to so many different styles and looks. My rings are from River Island, h&m and Topshop, but you can find rings just everywhere and that's great haha.

I hope you liked this post. I just thought I won't write about so many different things and tried to keep it simple. 

We'll see us soon.