Sunday, 21 September 2014

Five Back To School Advice

The summer holidays are probably the best weeks of the whole year for a lot of students. You can enjoy your freetime with friends, travel and get relaxed again after a maybe stressy and busy year of school. I think it's quite obvious that everybody likes them :)
But there's one negative thing - they will end. 
It's quite hard to get back to your usual 'school routine' and concentrate on school now again. Some of us will go to another school, another class or will have other teachers. That means there are a lot of new things you have to get used to and get along with and of course it's difficult! But everybody can do it.
Probably most of the summer holidays finished already, but I just started school last week again and I thought that these tipps are never too late to get, because there are so many things to do to make it easier for you and sometimes even a tiny change can affect a lot!
So let's start with my five advice :)

1. Organisation:
I really love to get a bit creative with my school supplies and I think it's so good to have nice and pretty folders and books and it also helps me to stay a bit more motivated for school. That's why I organised my folder with a handmade register and I think it turned out quite good. It's so easy to do and it makes such a different to the boring white ones you can buy. There are so many ways to keep your school stuff organised, but i just wanted to show you mine, because it's a really easy one and doesn't take too long. 
I'm not sure if this one relly helps me to get more organised but when I saw some pictures of these pens at tumblr, I just had to try to do this as well. And I love it! They look so much cuter with the washi tape on them and now I'm happy to take out my pencil when our teacher asks us to do haha..

2. Day before preparation:
I know that sometimes there's just not enough time to get prepared for every subject of the next day, but that's totally ok. If you use the time after school wisely you will probably have some minutes left. In this time you can try to pack your things for the next day. It's so much better to do that the day before, because in the morning most of us are more likely to forget some stuff. If you still have a bit of time in the evening it's great to read through your last pages of your sujects of the next day. You will see that it's a lot easier to follow the teacher if you know what you were doing the last lesson. Another thing to do is pick your outfit the da before.. Yeeep, who doesn't know this situation in the morning, when your standing in front of you coset not kowing what to wear!? I absolutely hate it. You have more time in the evening, so you can even put some juwellery out for the next day and that will save some time in the morning.

3. Healthy Lunch:
Some of us go to school with great cantines, where they can eat in their break and don't have to think about their lunch. (Lucky you)
But there are also schools without cantines or just really bad ones, where you don't want to eat. I'm not really one of the lucky ones so I'm trying to make myself every morning a healthy lunch. Of course the portion depends on how long I have to be in school. I think it's great to have some fruits and vegetables with you, because it's a great snack for the short breaks. And currently I'm also trying to take something to drink with me as well, because the last year I forgot it every single day and my friends had to lend me their water oops..

4. Take time for yourself:
Everybody knows these days when your just down. There doesn't have to be a real reason, but your just feeling not good at all. I think that's totally normal, because nobody can be in a good mood every day and that's why sometimes it's good to take some time for yourself, sit down, grab a cup of tea, make a facial mask and watch your favourite film or series or read your favourite book. Nobody will judge yo, if you have a bad day, because we all know them!

5. Learning:
It's quite obvious that learning is a big point of school, but I wanted to mention it, because my advice is to follow the lessons in school the best you can, because it will save so much time at home. Learning in school is the one thing, but of course you also have t learn at home for exams or test and it's not easy to get yourself to do school stuff after school, but It's so important for everybody of us. I think a good start is to do your homework everyday, because than your really up-to-date :) After this you know what you can improve and in what you're good enough.

I really hope you liked the post and maybe I could help some of you.
See you very soon

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