Sunday, 14 September 2014

Rainy day Pampering

Hello everyone!

On days when it's raining all day long a lot of people would maybe be quite disappointed or have a bad mood,  however for me those days, when it's cold out side and the leaves are turning brown and it's all cozy inside are my favorite ones! They just scream: Pamper and duvet day!!
Throw in a bath bomb, pamper your skin, light some candles and curl up in a blanket and watch series  or read a good book.
And as it's one of these days today I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show you my pamper essentials. :)

First of all I will throw in a bath bomb and light some candles. I think candles can make such a difference and create a nice and relaxed atmosphere (and get me excited for christmas too ;)! )

After spending some time relaxing I will then wash my body with the "Creamy coconut body lotion" from Marks and Spencer. The smell is amazing and it contains moisturizer so your skin is left with a smooth and nice feeling. For moisturizing my skin I will be grabbing the "Smoothie star-deep moisture body milk" from Soap and Glory. This body milk is just amazing! First the smell is so nice I could eat the hole bottle when it wouldn't be inedible. Second, it moisturizes your body really well and during winter time this is your must-have, when you tend to have really dry skin. And again it leaves you with a baby smooth skin.

After I get out of my bath, I will surely cleanse my face with the Clinique "liquid facial soap mild". I had a really "rough time" with my skin lately and this cleanser helped improve my skin so much! If you are looking for a cleanser who is not too strong and super gentle to your skin, I would definitely give it go. If you are not sure wether to try it or not because of the prize, ask for a little sample. I did that too and it comes in a little set with cleanser, moisturizer and clarifying lotion. And as the bottle is quite big it lasts you a really long time. I've been using it over two month and I'm still not even half way through.
After cleansing my face I will then grab the "Origin Super Spot Remover". I heard a ton of recommendations about this little bugger. And when I'm honest, when I first saw the tiny teeny bottle, I was a bit undecided wether to give it a go or not. But I'm glad I did. It helped improving my skin so much and my spots disappeared much faster as they normally would do. The money is totally worth it! And this little bottle lasts you a really long time, who would've thought this?!. Again I've been using it over two month now and I'm barely in the middle.

After that I will pamper my skin with the Clinique " Anti-blemish solutions" oil-conrol cleansing mask.
Again for me the prize is totally worth it. If I would use any other face mask, and believe me I have tried loads, my skin would go crazy and I would have break outs for more than two weeks. This is the only mask who is gentle enough for my skin. It's the perfect mixture for sensitive and combination skin.
Then I will use my "Scrub your nose in it" Soap and Glory facial peeling against pores. Just apply a little bit on nose, chin and forehead. Scrub it gently with a rotary movement into your skin for a few minutes. Then rinse it gently off.

To finish off my facial treatment I then moisturize my face with the Clinique "dramatically different moisturizing gel". Again my skin is really sensitive when it comes down to moisturizer. Mostly they are too oily or too oil-free. And if I use one for combination skin I get dry and oily patches all over my face. But since I started using this, my skin has improved so much. It's gently to your skin and is perfect for combination skin because of it's really light texture and it still moisturizes your skin enough.

And of course to finish off your pamper day, what would be better than a hot autumn tea and a feel-good book or film. The book I'm currently reading is called "This is what happy looks like" and literally it makes me so happy!

I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you very soon :)

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