Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Autumn Tag

Hello everyone,

First we want to say thanks to Lulu.B xox for tagging us :) We both really like autumn so we were really happy about it. So let's get started:

1) Favorite Thing about autumn?

Rebecca: hmm there are so many things! baths, sweaters, candles, pumpkins, but I think the one thing I love the most is seeing the leaves changing colors. The world looks so colorful and cosy. Everything looks so peaceful and harmonious.
Catrin:  I would say the nature - because it changes a lot in this time of the year and I love looking outside the window and seeing the leaves turning red, brown or orange.

2) Go to makeup product during autumn?
Rebecca: Everything dark and plumy colored! I am obsessed with darker makeup shades during autumn. Currently I 've been using the Rimmel Lipstick in number 330 which is called sloane's plum or the Maybelline Color Elixir in number 135 (LOVE them).
Catrin: That's quite hard for me.. I really like dark red lipsticks as well, but I don't really wear them  often, so for me my go to makeup product is the eyeshadow called 'gorgeous gold' from mac. I especially like it in combination with dark brown colours.

3) Favorite food/drink during autumn?
Rebecca: favorite drink is definitely the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (obsessed at the moment) or a good old hot chocolate ;)
Catrin: Definately green tea at the moment. I found one with lime and elder. Soooo good !! My favourite food is probably my Dad's pumpkin soup. Mhmm..

4)Favorite shop during autumn?
Rebecca: my all time favorite is Lush. During autumn and winter time Lush is just a must-have for me!  
I have more baths plus the autumn/winter collections are always the nicest. Recently I have been loving River Island too. They have a really nice autumn collection. Definitely worth having a look. 
Catrin: hmm.. I'm actually not sure, but I think I love going through all the decoration shops in autoumn. There's so much to see and sometimes there's even Christmas deco already. Yaaay haha

5)Favorite autumn scent?
Rebecca: The smell when you are standing in the woods when all the leaves are falling down. (And Perfume-wise I'm loving the fragranced body mist from the Zoella range, not a autumnal scent but really lovely).
Catrin: Normally I prefer the summery scents, but I got the 'Coco Noir' parfume of Chanel and I think it's perfection. I love how it smells and that it stays a long time. 

6)One word that sums up autumn for you?
Rebecca: cosy!!
Catrin: colourful :)

7) Inside or outside during autumn?
Rebecca: When it's not raining definitely outside!
Catrin: Same as Rebecca :) But inside in front of the window with a cup of tea.

Rules of the Autumn Tag!

1. You must answer all the questions
2. This tag must be posted from the beginning of September right through to the end of October
3. You must tag 5 other people and notify them:
(Because it's the end of Octobre we only tagged 2 other people)

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Autumn Beauty favorites

Hello everyone!

As I am a HUGE autumn fan I do dedicate this post to the season of falling leaves: Autumn! (haha)
A lot of baths, dark lipsticks, sweaters, pumpkins, candles, falling leaves, fairy lights...

During autumn I always find myself grabbing darker lipstick and eyeshadow shades and as I am a nosy person and I like to see what other people have bought, I thought maybe someone would be interested to see what I have been loving so far.

Nail polish (left to right):

P2 volume gloss-  160 casual queen
Rimmel velvet matte- 014 sumptuous red
H&M nail polish- midnight mystery
H&M nail polish- Serenity now

I do love all of these nail polishes. The P2 one dries super quickly and stays quite long. 
The Rimmel one dries super quickly and the matte color gives it a special touch although it doesn't stay put for so long. 
The H&M polishes are great when you don't want to spend much money on nail polishes. They are a good quality for the price you pay. They take a little bit longer to dry but stays on your nails quite a long time. 

Lipsticks (left to right):

Maybelline Color Elixir- 135 Raspberry
Catrice- C02 Alluring pink
Rimmel- 330 Sloane's plum
Sleek fruit glaze- 150 Black cherry 

As you may have noticed all of my favorite lipsticks are based around the same color. I love wearing dark, plumy colors when it comes to autumn and winter- wear. 
I had heard a lot of people raving about the Maybelline Color Elixir so when i first spotted this little bugger in the store I was more than eager to try it. And Maybelline didn't disappoint me. I LOVE this product so much! It has a nice texture and is not too sticky. The color is really pigmented and easily builtable.
The Catrice makeup is the one I always find myself going back to. The quality you get is really good and the lipsticks are a real bargain! Great color pigmentation and  easy to apply. Only thing that annoys me a bit is that the lipsticks tend to get really dry after a time. 
The Rimmel one is my favorite one. It's a super pretty dark color. Again great pigmentation and stays where it has to stay and doesn't end up all over your face or clothing instead on your lips. And this lipstick smells amazing! So if you are looking for a nice smelling lipstick check this one out.
What I also really liked was the name of it.. I don't really know why they picked the name Sloane or what it means but I think it sounds quite cool and special ;)
The Sleek lipgloss/lipgloss is soo sticky which kind of annoys sometimes but on the other hand the lipgloss stays on and on forever. I don't know wether they have mixed in some superglue or they have asked a wizard but basically you don't get this lipgloss away so easily. What I do is because its so sticky I use my finger to apply it on my lips.


Bourjois blusher - 40 Rose Thé 
Rimmel Eyeshadow - 022 Brixton brown

The Boujois blusher is a really pretty dark browny, purple. Basically this color is autumn. It stays on your cheeks really long and it gives you a super pretty look on your cheeks as if you just would have taken a long walk in the woods. The only thing I don't really like is that it's quite hard to apply it as it's not that pigmented.
The Rimmel eyeshadow palett contains every color You need during autumn/winter. It has a glittery gold color, a shimmery purple color, a light brown color, a darker violet color and a dark brown/dark violet color. The colors are super pigmented and really easily to apply and to blend. Basically with this palette you can go for every look you want wether this is dark and smokey or light and natural. Great for traveling as it is a really compact palette.

Lush bath bomb:

Last but not least the bath bomb! I do have soo many favorites this year and I will make sure to do a post about all my errands in Lush as soon as possible but for this post I selected the most autumnal one. And obviously it's the glittery pumpkin :) This bath bomb is just the cutest! It smells amazing and reminds me of autumn, candles, leaves.. If you want to get into an autumnal/halloween spirit this is a MUST!

I love autumn and I think it's over so fast without even noticing, so make the best out of it and try to get into an autumnal spirit everyday and appreciate it everyday. 

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I loved making this post.
And I hope it helped you getting into the autumn spirit (It surely worked for me) 

See you very soon

Rebecca xoxo

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn feelings

Hello everyone :)

Today I actually wanted to do a post about Rebecca and my faourite blogs, but I didn't work how I thought it would and so I had no idea what i could write about and I actually was quite sad about it.
Sometimes everything gets a bit too much and at the moment I find myself quite often thinking about that. School can be very stressfull and everyone of us has own problems of course.
I could now try to help you, but I think there are no advice that will solve every problem ;)
But I can show you what I did today:

Yeees.. I just went out for a while and took my camera with me. I think sometimes I get too focused on things that don't matter, but actually you should open your eyes and mind for every single beautiful moment.

I'm sorry for a not beauty or fashion related post, but the next will be different, I promise.

See you very soon & keep your eyes open.

Catrin xx

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Memory Jar

Hello everyone!

Today I didn't felt like writing about beauty related subjects and I'm currently having one of those low  energy days. So i thought why not doing something different. I have been thinking about my life in general and how I want to "shape" my future. And I thought what would be a better fit than introducing my memory jar.
Maybe you are familiar with this concept or you are a proud owner of one of these high-tech objects too. When not, don't worry I will do my very best to introduce you.
These high-tech jars are equipped with bullet-proof glasses and a metallic, waterproof lid. To complete,  these jars are built with a special layer on the inside. The particles which cause paper to turn yellow are caught in a tiny non-visible sphere which then throws these particles out in order to prevent the paper turning yellow.

Just kidding (as if you would't have already guessed it).

In this jar I keep my memories. Just the little ones. The ones that made me laugh, made me feel good but also the ones that made me sad or even cry. Just the ones you would't write in your diary because they are to simple, to unnecessary to even think about them again. I put these memories on small notes and keep them in the jar. And every year on my birthday I open the jar and read them again.
And when I read through them again, I find myself remembering so many memories I would normally forget.  Sometimes I think the little ones are the precious not the big ones. We tend to forget those and just look at the sad ones. For me it helps a lot at those days to just look at these memories and see how many happy little things happened to me.

I would't dare to say it makes you a happy person but I can say it helps A LOT. It helps you to  realize how blessed you are with your life and helps you enjoying the little things more in life. It helps you to see the little things more. Nowadays we live in a world where everything is rushed, only the important and big things get our (full) attention. I think once we realize that the smaller things are precious too we will be able to be happier with what we already have.

At the end of the year you find yourself smiling at the good moments you had with your friends, family or who ever. So I highly recommend you trying it out!

See you soon with a more beauty related post I promise! :)


Sunday, 5 October 2014

My skincare routine

Hey everyone,

today I want to write about sth I couldn't life without - Skincare products.
I think nearly everybody comes to this point of life, where little spots try to make the complicated life even worse... Some call it puberty ;) Some of us are so lucky and just skip this and others have really bad skin problems like acne. 

Fortunately I never had real acne, but I was one of the girls with a lot of pimples on their forehead and the T-zone. I really hated this time and I didn't know what to do. 
First I tried out a lot of products from the drugstore. They helped a short period of time and then they just dried out my skin, so my face spanned and my skin looked so unhealthy.
Then I went to a cosmetician and she helped me to figure out what skintype I was and what products I should use. I think the woman really helped me and I still use some of the products, because they are so gentle to my face, moisturize but they still clean my face. 

 I think there is not one product, which will help everybody to have no spots, but I just wanted to show you some products that really helped me. And I also want to mention it's normal that we go through this times, where our skin isn't perfect at all and nobody of us is alone with these problems. I think that it takes some time, especially if you're a teenager, but your skin will probably get better automatically and if you think you might get acne you should probably go to a doctor or a good cosmetician. 
Ok, so let's get started ;)

My first product I want to mention is the Bioderma Sébium H20. I use it every single day to remove my make up and I think it's really the best remover. It's not oily at all and I really like the fresh smell of it. I still have a bit left in my 250ml bottle and I think it lasted for half a year now, so it's reeeaally worth the money. I'm not sure in which countries you can buy it, but I just ordered it at a pharmacie and I will reorder it very soon, so I don't have to live without this for a day :)

The next two products are both cleansing products in a mousse consistancy. I used the one of Décleor maybe about one or even two years when I had my worst skin times and it helped me a lot! Probably I bought about 5 of them in this time, because I just loved it. I can totally recommend to give this brand a go if you can get your hands on it. It's super gentle and smells really nice and natural.
At this time of the year my skin starts to get a bit drier, so I wanted to get something new, that's why I bought the Clinique anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam. I can't really say sth about this product, because I used it only a few times now. But I hope it will work. I thought it's good, because it's for all skintypes, so it shouldn't dry out my skin, but still cleans it.

Another product I can recommend is this facial tonic of Décleor. As always it smells so so good and it really wakes me up in the morning. It mattifies your skin, that's especially good if you skin tends to get a bit oily during the day like mine.

Next is my moisturizer from Babor skinovage px intense purifying cream. I love it, because it sinks in so quickly and again smells amaizing. It's perfect for people with dry areas on their face and some spots. It's not too moisturizing so you get spots from it, but still gives your face exactly what it needs.

My last product is also quite new. I use it maybe since one month, but really ever single evening. I put a tiny amount on every spot i can see and it the next day most of them are gone or nearly gone. I got this as a present and I don't know if it's really expensive, but if you see Payot pâte grise give it a go. I think it will be worth the money and you only use a small amount so it will rest you for a long time.

I hope you liked the post and if you try ot the products i hope they will work out and make your skin perfect ;)

See you soon.