Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Autumn Tag

Hello everyone,

First we want to say thanks to Lulu.B xox for tagging us :) We both really like autumn so we were really happy about it. So let's get started:

1) Favorite Thing about autumn?

Rebecca: hmm there are so many things! baths, sweaters, candles, pumpkins, but I think the one thing I love the most is seeing the leaves changing colors. The world looks so colorful and cosy. Everything looks so peaceful and harmonious.
Catrin:  I would say the nature - because it changes a lot in this time of the year and I love looking outside the window and seeing the leaves turning red, brown or orange.

2) Go to makeup product during autumn?
Rebecca: Everything dark and plumy colored! I am obsessed with darker makeup shades during autumn. Currently I 've been using the Rimmel Lipstick in number 330 which is called sloane's plum or the Maybelline Color Elixir in number 135 (LOVE them).
Catrin: That's quite hard for me.. I really like dark red lipsticks as well, but I don't really wear them  often, so for me my go to makeup product is the eyeshadow called 'gorgeous gold' from mac. I especially like it in combination with dark brown colours.

3) Favorite food/drink during autumn?
Rebecca: favorite drink is definitely the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (obsessed at the moment) or a good old hot chocolate ;)
Catrin: Definately green tea at the moment. I found one with lime and elder. Soooo good !! My favourite food is probably my Dad's pumpkin soup. Mhmm..

4)Favorite shop during autumn?
Rebecca: my all time favorite is Lush. During autumn and winter time Lush is just a must-have for me!  
I have more baths plus the autumn/winter collections are always the nicest. Recently I have been loving River Island too. They have a really nice autumn collection. Definitely worth having a look. 
Catrin: hmm.. I'm actually not sure, but I think I love going through all the decoration shops in autoumn. There's so much to see and sometimes there's even Christmas deco already. Yaaay haha

5)Favorite autumn scent?
Rebecca: The smell when you are standing in the woods when all the leaves are falling down. (And Perfume-wise I'm loving the fragranced body mist from the Zoella range, not a autumnal scent but really lovely).
Catrin: Normally I prefer the summery scents, but I got the 'Coco Noir' parfume of Chanel and I think it's perfection. I love how it smells and that it stays a long time. 

6)One word that sums up autumn for you?
Rebecca: cosy!!
Catrin: colourful :)

7) Inside or outside during autumn?
Rebecca: When it's not raining definitely outside!
Catrin: Same as Rebecca :) But inside in front of the window with a cup of tea.

Rules of the Autumn Tag!

1. You must answer all the questions
2. This tag must be posted from the beginning of September right through to the end of October
3. You must tag 5 other people and notify them:
(Because it's the end of Octobre we only tagged 2 other people)

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