Sunday, 5 October 2014

My skincare routine

Hey everyone,

today I want to write about sth I couldn't life without - Skincare products.
I think nearly everybody comes to this point of life, where little spots try to make the complicated life even worse... Some call it puberty ;) Some of us are so lucky and just skip this and others have really bad skin problems like acne. 

Fortunately I never had real acne, but I was one of the girls with a lot of pimples on their forehead and the T-zone. I really hated this time and I didn't know what to do. 
First I tried out a lot of products from the drugstore. They helped a short period of time and then they just dried out my skin, so my face spanned and my skin looked so unhealthy.
Then I went to a cosmetician and she helped me to figure out what skintype I was and what products I should use. I think the woman really helped me and I still use some of the products, because they are so gentle to my face, moisturize but they still clean my face. 

 I think there is not one product, which will help everybody to have no spots, but I just wanted to show you some products that really helped me. And I also want to mention it's normal that we go through this times, where our skin isn't perfect at all and nobody of us is alone with these problems. I think that it takes some time, especially if you're a teenager, but your skin will probably get better automatically and if you think you might get acne you should probably go to a doctor or a good cosmetician. 
Ok, so let's get started ;)

My first product I want to mention is the Bioderma Sébium H20. I use it every single day to remove my make up and I think it's really the best remover. It's not oily at all and I really like the fresh smell of it. I still have a bit left in my 250ml bottle and I think it lasted for half a year now, so it's reeeaally worth the money. I'm not sure in which countries you can buy it, but I just ordered it at a pharmacie and I will reorder it very soon, so I don't have to live without this for a day :)

The next two products are both cleansing products in a mousse consistancy. I used the one of Décleor maybe about one or even two years when I had my worst skin times and it helped me a lot! Probably I bought about 5 of them in this time, because I just loved it. I can totally recommend to give this brand a go if you can get your hands on it. It's super gentle and smells really nice and natural.
At this time of the year my skin starts to get a bit drier, so I wanted to get something new, that's why I bought the Clinique anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam. I can't really say sth about this product, because I used it only a few times now. But I hope it will work. I thought it's good, because it's for all skintypes, so it shouldn't dry out my skin, but still cleans it.

Another product I can recommend is this facial tonic of Décleor. As always it smells so so good and it really wakes me up in the morning. It mattifies your skin, that's especially good if you skin tends to get a bit oily during the day like mine.

Next is my moisturizer from Babor skinovage px intense purifying cream. I love it, because it sinks in so quickly and again smells amaizing. It's perfect for people with dry areas on their face and some spots. It's not too moisturizing so you get spots from it, but still gives your face exactly what it needs.

My last product is also quite new. I use it maybe since one month, but really ever single evening. I put a tiny amount on every spot i can see and it the next day most of them are gone or nearly gone. I got this as a present and I don't know if it's really expensive, but if you see Payot pâte grise give it a go. I think it will be worth the money and you only use a small amount so it will rest you for a long time.

I hope you liked the post and if you try ot the products i hope they will work out and make your skin perfect ;)

See you soon.

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