Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn feelings

Hello everyone :)

Today I actually wanted to do a post about Rebecca and my faourite blogs, but I didn't work how I thought it would and so I had no idea what i could write about and I actually was quite sad about it.
Sometimes everything gets a bit too much and at the moment I find myself quite often thinking about that. School can be very stressfull and everyone of us has own problems of course.
I could now try to help you, but I think there are no advice that will solve every problem ;)
But I can show you what I did today:

Yeees.. I just went out for a while and took my camera with me. I think sometimes I get too focused on things that don't matter, but actually you should open your eyes and mind for every single beautiful moment.

I'm sorry for a not beauty or fashion related post, but the next will be different, I promise.

See you very soon & keep your eyes open.

Catrin xx


  1. Hey! I've tagged u to do the Autumn tag! Check out my blog for more details! Keep up the amazing blog posts! xox

  2. Thank you! We will be doing on as soon as possible :)! Your blog is amazing too! Love it :)
    Rebecca and Catrin