Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My 5 favourite nailpolishes

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to upload this post on a Wednesday instead of Sunday, but I had a lot to do and now I'm sick, but I just had a little time to write.. So I'll begin now ;)

As it's curently gettin colder and everybody starts to wear the most comfortable sweaters, also my favourites are changing. I'm not one of these girls, who are wearing nailpolish everyday, but I love to have them just in case I want to sit down and make my nails. 

I was looking through all of them and I picked the one's I would wear at the moment and here we go...

I want to start with the two of Catrice Cosmetics-Ultimate Nudes.
 "040 Petit Four As Dessert" is a light brown with a bit of shimmer and I think It's a really good colour for autoumn and if you don't like brigth nailpolishes. 
"01 Karl says très chic" is also nude, but more of a rose colour and I like it, because I think this colour is quite rare, but fits to a lot of clothes.

The other three are from Essie and I bought them all together in one of these little packages last year, so maybe you won't find exactly the same, but probably quite similar ones. 
"282 Shearling darling" is such a nice burgundy colour and I think it's my all time favourite! I love it for this time of the year.
"285 Toggle to the top" is quite similiar to the one before, but eith a lot of glitter in it. I think it's maybe too much to wear it to school for example but I like it on my ringfingers with the other burgundy colour of Essie on the other fingers :)
"284 Parka perfect" is greeny gray colour with a bit of shimmer and I really like wearing it at the moment, because it reminds me of the shimmer of snow everytime I look at it.

At the moment I'm not wearing any nailpolish, but after writing this I'm quite sure I will pplish my nails haha..

Hope you liked the post and see you next time

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