Sunday, 7 September 2014

Current favourites

Hello there,

As you know everyone of us has their own faves, because of course we're all different. I really enjoy reading posts about the loves of other bloggers, because it can help with finding new good products and that's why I just thought I will give it a try and write about my own current favourites. So I asked myself what I really enjoy at the moment and of course a lot of things came into my mind :)

I want to start with a beauty product I really love ! I bought it two months ago and i couldn't live without it now. It's the Naked basics palette from Urban Decay. It has a good range of 6 colours and they are all high pigmented and I just think that it's perfect because of the different nude shades and than the black for more of a smokey eye look. Isn't that great?! haha

My next clothing favourite is my jacket from River Island. I wore it in my last post about my travel handbag essentials and I wear it nearly on a daily basic now. It's quite casual and I love wearing it with a scarf especially because the weather in my country was so bad the last weeks..

I think it's quite hard to find the best eyeliner, because everybody has it's own perfect picture in their head of an perfect line and wing, but at the moment I really enjoy using the Superliner eyeliner from L'orĂ©al. I really like the precise line it creates and that the tip doesn't dry out fast. I'm actually really bad when it comes to eyeliner, because they just never look the same at first, but I think I really became better with this little guy and I'm sooo glad I bought it in the store. 

The next one is maybe quite random, but I just love rings currently, especially mid rings. Often a look is just so much nicer with some jewellery, but it's sometimes quite hard to find the right necklace or the right earrings for an outfit. Exactly in these situation rings are so good, because they fit to so many different styles and looks. My rings are from River Island, h&m and Topshop, but you can find rings just everywhere and that's great haha.

I hope you liked this post. I just thought I won't write about so many different things and tried to keep it simple. 

We'll see us soon.


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  1. Hi Catrin!
    I stumbled across your blog whilst reading some comments and I love your blog! Keep up the good work! It would mean so much if you could have a look at mine Thanks! xxxxxx