Sunday, 31 August 2014

Liquid, Powder or ?!

Hello Everyone!

There are different types of foundation. Thats kind of obvious but choosing the perfect one is like finding the perfect bra, nearly impossible. "Beauty starts with great skin" according to Bobbi Brown. The reason why we wear foundation is to even out our skin, to make it look healthier. But the most important reason is that our skin looks better with foundation than it did without. So I asked myself how do you know which type is the most suitable for your skin, which one is working the best for you, which one looks the most natural on your skin and so on. So I did a little bit of research, so lets start! :)

Liquid Foundation: is most suitable for dry to extra-dry skin. It provides medium to full coverage. It hydrates and smoothes your skin. I highly recommend the Rimmel Wake me up foundation. It gives you a radiant and glowing finish without looking to juicy. The foundation provides medium to full coverage and still is really light.

If you have oily skin use an oil-free liquid foundation. It absorbs oil and smoothes your skin. And here as well providing medium to full coverage. This is a great foundation for combination skin during summer.

If you want your foundation more light and much more like your own skin use a tinted moisturizer or
a tinted face balm.

The tinted moisturizer is for normal to sightly drier skin. It creates a sheer and lightweight coverage. Here i recommend the ones form Garnier. They are on a lower budged and still really good. They have one for dry and one for oily skin.

The tinted face balm is for exra-dry skin. It hydrates your skin intensively and provides a dewy finish. With this you achieve an sheer coverage.

Stick foundation works for every skin type except for oily skin. Provides a medium to full coverage and covers up spots nicely.

Powder Foundation can be illuminating or matte. More recommended for oily to very oily skin as If you have dry skin or rosacea the foundation will settle into dry areas which mostly causes scaling.
There are different types of powder foundation too. 

The Oil-free powder compact is suitable for oily skin and provides a medium to full coverage. As mostly the packaging is really handy it's a great powder foundation to just throw into your handbag and take it everywhere with you for touch ups during the day.

Mineral Powders are mostly suitable for very oily skin. But pay attention when choosing the right color. Oily skin can lead to changing the color of the powder.  

I hope I could help you in a way and hear you soon:

Rebecca :)

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