Sunday, 24 August 2014

Travel Handbag Essentials

Hello everyone :)

I'm currently in Sweden, because it's my second home and nearly every summer holidays my family and me visit my grandparents here. 

I love being in this calm and nice surrounding, because it's really different to the sometimes way too stressy life in Germany. But of course we're doing a lot of trips and my handbag is with me all the time. I thought it's maybe quite interesting what i carry around in my 'Travel Handbag' and it could be helpfull next time you are travelling ;)
So let's have a look at my bag:

My black bag is from h&m and I really like it because it's really basic and simple and for me it has exactly the right size. I think I bought it last year and I still really like it, but the only problem is that it's too small to take it for school.. 

1) In this little notebook I write things down I have to do for school, present ideas for friends or just really random things I would probably forget without writing them down haha, because forgetting dates or things I should do is so me ;)

2) My phone charger is definately an important item of my handbag, because I don't have a portable charger yet, but it's really one of the top points on my technic wishlist ! I think it's just so annoying if your phone runs out of battery, that's why I really try to get used to take my charger with me whenever I go out.

3) I really like having some bobby pins and a hair tie in my bag as my hair annoys me quite quickly when it's windy or just too hot. Here in Sweden I need them unfortunately more because of the wind at the moment haha

 4) In my handbag you can usually always find one of my favourite lipsticks, which is currently one from L'oréal by J.lo . I really like it, because it's quite similar to my natural lip colour and it doesn't dry out my lips at all. 

5) Maybe my Brown purse is not the best for my black bag, but I just like it a lot more than my black one! It's from Tom Tailor and I bought it because it has so many pockets and I like keeping the little cards of good restaurants or cute cafés in them. 

6) On long journeys I just love listening to music on my phone and at the moment I really enjoy the app 8tracks, where you can listen to a lot of different playlists from other users. Of course I'm also using my phone for checking my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I think my favourite one is currently Instagram but I just started some months ago and I'm already a bit obsessed with it even if I'm not posting a lot of photos haha.

7) I hate the feeling of dry hands, so I carry a very moisturizing creme with me all the time. I actually really like the basic ones you can find everywhere. This one smells of chamomile and makes my hands feel sooo soft! Hmm so good..

8) As my skin really likes to break out and tries to make my life a bit harder (yaaay) I just feel a bit safer with a concealer in my bag when I go out. This one is the 'Fit Me' concealer of Maybeline and I think it's one of my favourite concealers I tried and I tried far too many. Oops ;)

9) I bought my Tangle Teezer maybe one year ago, because it was really hyped a lot in the internet. Even if it's quite expensive for a hair brush I just love to have it in my bag and it's perfect for girls with long hairs, especially if it's wet it's so much easier to use the Tangle Teezer.

10) A small deo is just so random, but I think it's one of these things which are just good to have in your bag and probably I don't really have to explain more about deos..

I hope you like the post and we'll see us soon :)

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