Sunday, 17 August 2014

Prague haul

Helloo :)

Recently I was on holiday in Prague and as you visit a new country you want to get to know a little
bit more about it. So as an interested person you visit all the "must see's" and eat the food corresponding to the country your in.
For me it also means: exploring the shops. ;) So I went on my way, in mind to spend as little money as possible... Which of course did not really work out haha.
So here are some bits and pieces I picked up during my visit.

First of all, are some pieces I picked up from the Mac counter. Normally I tend to avoid the Mac stand because as it's not the cheapest and I can't afford buying myself so many things from there. And every time I sneak in, despite of my rule not to, I see so many pretty things, which look at me and scream don't leave, take me with you!. haha. And so I end up purchasing products which I could get somewhere else much cheaper. But Mac is my little weakness haha :)

The first thing I picked up is the mineralize blush in new romance.
It's a gorgeous peachy, pinky pastell color with a slight amount of golden shimmer in it.
It gives a very natural finish but with a hint of shimmer to make your face glowing in a decent way.
As its a mineralizer, its really easy to apply. The color is pigmented to you don't need a lot to create healthy glowing cheeks.

Next I picked up two eye shadows. One in Jest and the other in Mythology. They are both more of the brown toned side. I usually stick to earth colors, but I promised myself to branch out of my comfort zone and try brighter colors too.
Mythology is a pretty bronze color. It contains a slight hint of rose gold which makes it really metalic- looking. The color is, as usual for Mac eye shadows, super pigmented. But as it's a really shimmering color I only apply a small amount in the center of my eye lid.

Jest is a light rose gold, shimmering tone. As it is a delicate color it's the perfect base for an everyday make up. But with it's shimmering pigments it makes the look more interesting.

Moving to bare minerals, I picked up the MATTE SPF 15  Powder Foundation in fairly light. It's a loose powder foundation which claims to absorb oil for a matt and natural finish. As we don't have the brand where I live, I was eager to try it when I first spotted it.

Next item is one which i heard loads of people rave about, so I wanted to give it a go.
 And this item is the Rimmel Wake me up foundation. It claims to reawaken your skin by giving you a radiant glow and a flawless, natural-looking finish. It also has an SPF 15 which is always useful, except where I live , I don't think we need it so "high" haha.  Well, when this foundation does fulfil all those points, I've found my new best friend ;).

And last but not least I bought myself a bit of a random item. But i saw it in this cute little shop and I just could not resist (anyone relate to me ?).
 And it's the Manufaktura Original home spa: Calming Relaxing Gel mask for eyes. It's a gel mask applied on your eyes like a sleep mask. And when I'm honest in the first place I purchased it because it feels so cool to touch because there is, as the name says, a gel liquid inside haha. You can use this mask warm or cold. A cold mask relaxes and calms tired or swollen eyes, it supports the blood circulation and alleviates a headache. A hot mask helps when you suffer from a stuffy nose.

So this where all beauty items. I have some more clothes too, but it would be simply too much to write about it in one post :)

I hope you liked it and see you very soon :)

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