Saturday, 14 March 2015

Beauty Haul

Hello everyone,

It's been quite a while since my last post and I'm really sorry for that. I wrote this one a few weeks ago, but I just couldn't really finish it,
But now I just want to sit down and write about some of my new beauty products I bought during the "after-christmas-time". I tested them now for a few weeks and I'll let you know my own opinion. So here we go :)

The first product I want to mention is the tinted moisturizer from NARS. It feels so soft on your skin and it's perfect for a daily make up look, because it doesn't cover too much, but still covers most of your rednesses. I really wanted to test this product for so so long, because a lot of youtuber recommend it and I never had a product from nars before. I can say that it's perfect for you if you aren't looking for something withnreally high coverage, but a nice and even skin look for an every day look. I love to apply it with my new real technique brush, because it's very soft and makes it super easy to blend the products nicely.

These five bad boys were on sale and I just had to buy them haha. I didn't wear lipsticks a lot, but I really like this set of lip pencils from NARS, because you can blend them nicely to create a very natural look and now since I have them I started to wear lipstick more often. Yaay.
I really like all of the colours, but I think my favourite is the dark red one, because it's just perfect for the cold days.

Before I had the studio sculpt concealer of mac and I think it lasted for around half a year (that's really good I think), but for Christmas I got a new one. It's the studio finish concealer of mac and I don't really see a big difference. I like both a lot and if you have trouble with dark circles (like me!!) give it a go. It's just perfect :)

My next product is a very special one for me. It's my first Chanel Charme lipstick in the shade rouge coco 40. I love how it moisturizes your lips and also gives them a very nice creamy colour. I really think it's the best and most beautiful lipstick I ever tested or had.

I think for a lot of people it's just normal to buy these things, but for me it's something special and I'm always so happy about new beauty products and I just love to test them and write about it, that's why I wrote this blog post and I think a lot of girls can totally understand this hahaa

 Hope you have a great time, see you soon xx

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